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Seeking max. info:
Rank 0-814501
WW2 Prisoner Stalag Luft III Sagan

Bryan Lee Sammis

My late father was 1st Lt. John Wesley "Wes" Sammis, of the 812th Bomb Squadron, Radar Navigator on the B-17 bomber "Grumpy Gus"

Kris Pete

I've been trying to find info on my grandfather's unit from the war. All my mother ever knew was he was a waist gunner on a 17 and has pictures and stories from the war. What she doesn't have is anything that ever said what bomb group or squadron he was assigned. They've sadly never really tried to find this info so I've taken up the mantle. From what I've discerned so far I believe he was in the 482nd 813th squadron. Please if anyone has any info on Staff Sergeant Roy H. Baine please let me know. He would have been a waist gunner on a B-17. Email me at kpete879@att.net. I'm also looking for databases that list every plane and everyone aboard to scour the names in search of his. Hope you can help.


Terry Pechacek

My father was trained on the H2X in March 1945, and I believe served as a Radar Navigational Bombing lead in April 1945.

Eric Bensel

For my grandfather, Maj. Paul P. Bensel Sr.(ret) who left us this year at 88. He was a B-17 pilot in the 8th AF, first with the 388th BG, and with the 482nd. He was one of the lead ships over Normandy on D-day. He survived both Schweinfurt and Reginsburg raids as well.
For he and the fellow crews of the greatest generation. If I can be a 3rd of the man he was I will have achieved greatness in my life. These men are leaving big shoes to fill.

Peter John Butucel III

If anyone has any information regarding 1st Lt Peter J. Butucel I would greatly appreciate any info. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

lewis coffey

If Ray Pack revisits website please email me. I have more information on midair of 1-29-44.


I am looking for any information on Sgt. Paul W. Deutsch. He was with the US Army Air Forces 482nd. Bomber Squadron 505th. Bomber Group very heavy. He went missing on May 14, 1945. His ID no. 12017948. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Sharon Rudd

Time for me visit this site again. Thank you for putting this altogether. It is most informative and interesting.

Nadine Olmstead

Hi, some how forgot to add my e-mail address. Hope someone out there can help me. My Dad is Morris Weiser, thanks.

Nadine Olmstead

Hi, my Dad Morris Weiser was in the 482 Bomb Group the 812th station in Alconbury. I remember Dad telling stories about D-Day and painting 3 white bands on the planes. If anyone knows of my Dad or has pictures please e-mail me. Thanks

Vanden Willey, Jr.

I am re-building a shadow box with my father's medals and patches as the original was lost in a house fire years ago. I just wanted to say that my father, Vanden Willey, served with the 8th in the 100BG & 350BS and later transfered to the 482BG, 812S and I wanted to research any information on his service. Thanks, Vanden Willey, Jr.

Bill Beames

I am looking for anyone who might have known Col. Russell A. Wilson. KIA 6 March 1944.

Pete Troha

I'm an Air Force vet and trying to find info about my uncle, 1Lt Joe Zardin, who was KIA 1944. I think he flew out of the 482nd. I was told he was co-pilot of the "Just Right". Yhanks for a great website.

Christopher Chapman

Wonderful site. Enjoyed it very much.


Large Official Memorial Plaque [overseas] for 482nd Bombardment Group (RADAR)at Station 102, ALCONBURY is located in THE PATHFINDER HOUSE (CITY HALL)in HUNTINGDON outside of ALCONBURY.Originally dedicated at entrance to Alconbury Base,12 September 1992. When the airfield was deactivated closed down)it was rededicated at the PATHFINDER HOUSE, 2 August 1997.

Cathy Sparks

Hey John - This web site is great! It's nice to see a wonderful tribute to our American hero's. Cathy

Michael Slack

Thank you for helping, in a most extraordinary way, to keep freedom alive on Earth! GOD BLESS you ALL!

Patricia-Clare Murphy

I am so delighted to find your website. It's great and thanks for all your hard work.

Lewis Coffey

Seeking infor 1-29-44 midair over England Lt.Usry 005 of 577sqdrn,392ndBG and MajGray 482nd PFF.Our relative R.Howard on Usry ship all KIA. 3 parachuted PFF, 1lt James N. Taylor, 2ndlt.Robert R. Stout, T/S Ben Zdnarvich.Anyone know these men? Their story,their subsuqnt duty, account of 1-29-44 .Thanks info for family and county hist.Society Lewis Coffey