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Donald Helms

Just wondering if my Grandfather was a member of this Bomber Group. His name was Traywick Kenneth Smith. He was a waist Gunner on a Pathfinder B-17

kirk kennedy

Just found information that my uncle Marvin F. Kennedy was a bombardier with the 813th Bomb Sq. (P) part of the 482nd Bomb Group. He served during 1943 and early 44. I'd like to know if there are any who served with him as members of this association. All the best, Kirk

Catherine Mills Bullock

My earlier reports about my father, S. Sgt. Euian C. Mills, were inaccurate in severalpoints. He flew with the 812th Squadron of the 482nd, as a ball turret gunner.Dad and most of his "regular" crew were transferred fromthe 351 BG, 509th squadron sometime after late October 1943. On 1/11/44 Dad was the BT gunner on 42-3486 (no name apparetnly), which was shot down over Hardewijk, Hollad. Dad, along with S. Sgt. William Glenn and Sgt. Raymond Rajala bailed out and were captured, thern interred at Stalg Luft VI and later at Stalag Luft IV. They were part of the infamous Heydekrug Run and also the "Death March" in Feb.- April 1945.

We would still love to hear from the family of any other crew- Lt. James Maginnis, pilot, Lt. Roy Petersopn co pilot, Lt. Clarence Blevins, navigator, Lt. George Wylie bombarfier, T/Sgt William Glenn, S/Sgt. Angelo Riccardi, S/Sgt. Joseph Keane, Sgt. Harry Sutton and S/Sgt. Raymond Rajala.

Richard Shandor

doing research

Oliver Ray Pack

Looking for info on my Uncle 482bg 814BS, his crew transferred from 392BG 577BG after Oct 43 for PFF duty with Lt. Taylor. Crashed in accident on collision with 392BS B24 Jan 29 1944 while forming up. 482BG B24H ac#42-7669. ist lt J.N Taylor crashed ac#42-7645 Feb 3 1944 on another mission MACR 3199.Crashed Bergen, Holland. Blaney's squadron was 813bs. Thank You.


laurie nasta

hi, please let me know if anyone knows my father, Tom Nasta. a pathfinder in the 813 squadron, 1943-1944. he is 91. Thank you.

Stephen J Halaiko

My father 1st Lt Michael J Halaiko from Rootstown (Kent) Ohio was a Navigator Bombardier in the 813 Bomb Squadron stationed at Alconbury UK from June 1944 until June 1945. He was always proud of his service during WWII. He died in 1969 at age 49. We have tried to honor his memory over the years. His service seems all the more remarkable as time has gone by. Words can not adequately express our thanks to him and all the veterans who served as well as to those who have made this website available.

Ray Pack

Looking for additional info ssg Marion L Blaney 482bg 814bs.


Was researching statistics from VIII Bomber Command and Eighth Air Force in World War II. Very impressive combat record:

346 sorties
7 losses

Only two other Bomb Groups in VIII Bomber Command and Eighth Air Force flew more missions:

93rd Bomb Group (396 sorties)
303rd Bomb Group (364 sorties)

Ray Pack

Looking for info on SSGT Marion L Blaney 482bg 814bs PFF AC#42-7669, ALSO PILOT I/lT j N Taylor later duties after surviving crash on Jan 29 1944 with AC from 392bg while forming up over Wendling airbase for mission to Germany.

TSgt Matthew Kauffman

My Grandfather was SSgt Earl Kauffman who flew with the 813th Bomb Squadron. I just wanted to say Happy Memorial Day to
all the 482nd vets who are still around. You are all our hero's. Thank you.

Brad Cox

My father was 2nd Lt. William B. Cox. He was a bombardier with the 812th BS in late 1944 then transferred to the 351st BG, 510th BS. Any info on his time with the 482nd BG would be much appreciated.

Michael Herdina

Hello my name is Michael Herdina and I was seeking information on my grandfather Albert Louis Herdina. He was a tail-gunner on the B-17s out of Alconbury. I do not believe he was assigned to any one plane, but rather a multitude. He apparently was part of the first group that was sent to England in late 1942. We knew that he flew the second Schweinfurt mission as well as Berlin multiple times. His total of missions were somewhere in the 30s until he was pulled off combat duty because of nerves. On his discharge papers it says that he finished the war as a telegraph operator. However we know nothing more than this information. I was wondering if anyone out there had information on him, or knew him, during his time in the service. If you could please email me at michael.herdina@gmail.com with any information, pictures etc. it would be greatly appreciated. Please put 482nd Bomb Group in the subject so it clears my filters. Thank you so much!!
Michael Herdina

Cub Jack

My uncle, Glenn McNab was a crewchief in the 814th BS, 482nd BG. In the photo (photo gallery at this site) of the 814th Sqdn with the B-17, I believe he is standing on the left wing, 2nd man from the fuselage...I would like to be able to see that picture a little clearer.
I enjoy visiting this site!

Paul Fleuelling

My Dad, Lewis E. Fleuelling was a Navigator on the Tarfu 1 with the 482 BG, 813 BS. Anybody out there know my Dad?


nice site :)

hub donlin

THANKS to all of you warriors.....I got to RAF Alconbury in 1959....and am only now getting into your, THE MIGHTY 8 TH, histotry...after visiting your museaum in Pooler, GA...WOW !!!! Thanks !!!! Hub Don

B Segebade

Thank you all for your service to our country. Your service has made America a greater nation and will not be forgotten.

Louis Avon

My father,Andrew Avon was a left waist gunner for 30 missions.I am extremely proud of that fact and forever grateful to every man and woman involved in any way in the European as well as Pacific theater of operations during WWII.God Bless you all and many many thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Sincerely,Louis Avon

Sandy Brown

I am the daughter of S/Sgt Douglas E. Walker, better known as "Jack". He was Lt Waist gunner on the B-24, Bommber group 448th, 712 Sq.stationed in Seething, England. He flew 30 missions from May 44 to Jul 45. I am thrilled to be able to say he is still with us and in great shape. I bug him all the time with questions about the war and his missions. And he is so good about answering my tiresome questions while I try to fathom the enormity of that time period. I can't wait to read your father's book "Luck of the Draw" and would like to thank you for helping to keep the memory alive lest we ever forget. Most sincerely, Sandy brown