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Ferdinando DiMaggio

My dad was stationed with the 482nd in England and I would like to know more about it


Is there a unit history for the 482nd Bomb Group?

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Lancaster MK III, Flight Nr. ND 409 GT-S, crashed April 27/28 1944.

Please have a look on this:



James Charles Lance


Frank Ogden Doremus

My Father was in the 482p nd group. He said his last mission was Regansburg.
He passed in 2007. He re-upped after that and went in to Pointe du Hoc D-day attached to the Army Rangers as bomber ground support and was in to the end.
He said he was with the 813th Squdron but his Jacket has the 812th logo.
Quite a character!

James W Engelhardt

Great site. My dad was Albert J Engelhardt. I had no idea of the size of these operations. What a brave bunch of guys!

Thanks for all your effort putting all this together. I am sure we can supply more info for you from dads materials.

Jim E

James W. Engelhardt

I am the grandson of Albert Engelhardt, navigator in the B17 with the nose art the "Gnome". I just received his medals, photographs and other memorabilia from his time in service. I was only able to enjoy my grandpas for five years of my life as we lost him to leukemia. If there is anyone out there who knew my grandpa and could share some stories of him I would be very grateful. He was a wonderful man and a perfect grandpa for the short time I had him.

Thank you

Mary Ann Burris

My dad, 2nd Lt. John Paul Moore, Jr. was with the 482nd bomb squad in the eighth division during WW2. He was an advanced bombadier and navigator and was also a flight instructor.

Bill McDonald

My uncle Lieutenant George Franklin Duff was with the 482nd. I am very gratefull to all who served to make our great country what it is today. I would hate to think where we would be without their sacrifices. Rest in peace Uncle George.

doug doughty

Can any one help me find information about my father I have been looking for years now. his name is Alden Doughty I found a paper that read the 482 bomb group received a bronze service star so i am assuming he was in this group.He also when discharged from 904th sig Co Dep (Avn) no clue what that was I do know he was a radar repairman airborne equipment 995(not sure what that means)and on his Separation Qualification Record it says he was a radar operator on anti submarine patrols on a B-34 planes again not sure if that was training or his assignment.as time goes on it is getting harder to find information so if any one can guide me i would greatly appreciate it

Rene F. Avendano

I had the honor of serving our nation for 24 years in the United States Marine Corps and recently retired. I would like to thank you "America's Greatest Generation" for your service.

Greg Wood

Thanks for building this web page. My grandfather was an automotive mechanic in 812 BS in WWII, so I enjoyed scrolling through the photos.

Bob Gaskin

Researching all I can find on Major John H. Crump of the 814th Bombardment Group, circa 1944 in England. Any info would be appreciated. A folder of all of his WW II memorabilia was found in an abandoned house being torn down.

Robert W. Gaskin, Colonel, USAF (Ret)
24 Sagris Cove
Miramar Beach, FL 32550


I am trying to find all the information about my father Andrew Avon a waist gunner in world war 2 flew over England.

Walter S. Puette Msgt Usaf Ret

I was stationed at Lakenheath 80-84 and at Bentwaters 86-90. While i was there i used to visit the old 8th Air-force bases of the 1st;2nd;3rd air divisions and was an active member in the 390bg museum;100bg Museum and the 95bg at Horham. I married a girl from Manchester and we used visit Burtonwood often. Recently in September I came back to see an old friend in Bury St Edmunds to deliver Pictures of the 8th Air-force Museum in Savannah Georgia Which I am a Member.Plan to Come back next year and visit the old haunts again by car. I have since retired from the Air-force and now live in Crestview fl.Best years of my Air-Force Career were spent in England. Best Wishes.Walter S. Puette Msgt USAF Retired.

Frank Gaskins

My father, Staff Sergeant Malcolm B.Gaskins, (Campbellsville, Ky.) passed away on July 6, 2013 at age 92. I and all of his family are very proud of his time of work as aircraft electrician in the 329th Service Squadron at Alconbury. He will be truly missed. May God Bless America.

Charlie Berth

I wanted to thank you for the wonder website you've developed for the 482nd. I am the son of a Mickyman and enjoyed your attention to the topic of radar in the Eighth. My father, a San Marco trained navigator, received his initial radar training stateside in Jan/Feb '44 with the 3d Search Attack at Langley, assigned 482nd:814th Mar/Apr and then moved throught the 2nd AD; 389th:564th; 489th:847th; 93:328th; 20th CBW; 448th and home May '45. He felt particularly fortunate to have flown his first 24 mission as a member of the Capt. Jack Pritchard PFF crew. He always spoke of Jack as a tremendous pilot and a highly respected leader. Thanks to all that served.

Brian Stringer

anybody remember the B-17 named Psalm 91?


On this Memorial Day 2013 please take moment to remember the 26,000 8th Air Force crew members killed in action ( KIA )over the skies of Europe in WWII. Never Forget....

Frank Dorman III, Veterans Affairs

Although my Dad, Frank Dorman, Jr flew B-24 Bom/Nav with the 389thBG/564th, I want to pass an "official" thank you to Mr John O'Neil of the 482nd for his help with the following information:

MACR (Missing Air Crew Reports)...Your Dad was the Navigator on a B-24H serial #41-28787 on a mission to Pollitz Germany on June 20, 1944 when it was hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire just after Bombs Away and began leaking fuel. It was last seen headed for Sweden and under pilot control. There were 11 Crew on board with your Dad who was listed as the Navigator.

Dad is now well & happy in Tennessee, and we are preparing for an Honor Flight to Washington DC this October. He'll be 93 that month. We'll toast and remember at Arlington and at the WWII Memorial the true heroes who FTR.

Should we forget the lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat them.