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James Cournoyer

Looking up my grandfather

Genies Alan

I found out my Great Great Uncle Burnell Ness was in the 814th. obat kudis alami

Jim Patton

I served with a Victor Stachniewicz, who was with the 482nd at Alconbury. He was a ball turret gunner. We served at RAF Chicksands in the 1960s.

Jim Patton

One of my USAF supervisors flew with the 482nd. Victor Stachniewicz. Ball turret gunner. Brave troops. Brave troops.

Daniel J Moore

My dad, LT James Moore flew aboard a B17G called the Carolina Boomerang. I found a poem about the plane typed on onion skin paper by the pilot, Captain Roland McCray. Please contact me if the Histoircal Society is interested in seeing the poem. The crew was with the 96th Bomb Group for 15 missions. Their first mission with the 482-812 squadron was on 11-5-43 to Wilhelmshaven. Their 25th raid was on February 25th 1944 to Brunswigh. I have a diary of all their missions. I would be interested in any information on the plane, such as tail numbers.

Brenda Cotter

My father was Wiliam A. Cotter.

Valerie Eves

Eldest daughter of Captain Lloyd B. Eves. 813th Bomb Squadron. 482nd Bomb Group. 8th Airforce

Lisa Lindquist

I found out my Great Great Uncle Burnell Ness was in the 814th. He passed years ago and my mom had his Military records. Since he and his wife never had children I took on the task of finding out how he served his country. I do understand now why he never talked to much about his service, and he was such a quiet gentle man. I would love to find out how I can get replacement medals and a patch of his Squadron. I wanted to show respect to him and make sure my children and theirs knew of the sacrifices he and others did. I have his American Flag from his funeral and want to display it with pictures and other items. Can you help me?

Joe Colvin

I am the grandson of Gilford L. Colvin.

Msgt Water S.Puette USAF Retired.

I served 10 years of my AF Career in England.While there i Visited many old 8th Air Force Stations as far North as North Hamptonshire. Polebrook;Glatton;Kimbolton and Many more. I have a Photo album in Which I traced my travels all over The British isles. I married a girl from Manchester and visited Burtonwood near Liverpool several times. Enjoyed the site.

Regards; WSP.

Charles Sours

I was looking for information on the B-17 and came across this site. This is very special to me because I found my step-grandfather in this site. Most new him as Harlen R. Sours (Hoppy). I do not know how I could gain access to be able get access to a picture of him and the crew infront of the B-17 and was wonder what other pictures my be available. Thanks Charles Sours

Comment by 482NDadmin
Hi Charles - Please send an email to info@482nd.org and I will send you what I have on Hoppy Sours...
Richard W. Roe

I was born in Huntingdon in September 1944. I can recall all the aircraft (both those of the RAF and USAF) flying over the sky's of Huntingdonshire (now Cambridgeshire, thanks to Maggy Thatcher chasing vots). Although I never had the fortune of meeting him, my father served with those USAF who were stationed at both Alconbury and Brampton. It is my hope that someone out there may rembember... RICHARD W. SHAW, who hailed from Boone County, Indianna. USA.

Mike Halaiko


My father was a Navigator/Bombardier/Radar Observer on a B-17 out of Alconbury from June 11, 1944. Dad flew 12 missions.
The first three say "Germany" with a date. The other nine have a specific place with a date. Is there any place to get more specific information about these missions?
Also what does the abbreviation "SPR" mean? It is a prefix for every mission.

Thank you very much.


PS Dad was with the 482nd BG 813 BS.

Ginny Salleng Peteren

God bless you all

Lee A. Schneider

My father was 2nd Lt Edward Connor Schneider, he was a part of the 812 Bomb squadron. He was shot down on January 10,1945 and bailed out safely over Belguim. if you have any other information that would help me with my fathers history that I am putting together, I would be greatful. He wore a presidential unit citation on his uniform until he retired in 1969 and it was from the efforts of the 482nd Bombardment group. If a copy of this citation is available for copy I would love to have one. Also if their is a record of the B17 he flew by serial number I would like that also. Thankyou.

Kent Bowen

My dad, Guy William Bowen Jr, was a B-17 co-pilot for the 482nd BG 813 Bomb Squadron in England during WWII. I have many items of memorabilia including photos taken from bombing runs over Germany. I am very proud of my dad who passed away too young at the age of 56 in 1981.

God Bless America and all those who served in the 482nd BG.

Kent Bowen
Centreville, Maryland

Ferdinando DiMaggio

My dad was stationed with the 482nd in England and I would like to know more about it


Is there a unit history for the 482nd Bomb Group?

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Lancaster MK III, Flight Nr. ND 409 GT-S, crashed April 27/28 1944.

Please have a look on this:



James Charles Lance