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Kevin White

I'm really pleased to have found this site and the picture of my Uncle Donald E White who was top gunner on the first plane that bombed Berlin. Don was one of the 4 White boys who served during WWII. Their fifth brother was helping to build aircraft for Pratt & Whitney. My Dad was a bombardier on a B-24 in the Pacific, late in the war.

The family story was that Uncle Don was the first enlisted man over Berlin as a result of his position as top gunner. Don passed away about 5 years ago. All the White brothers have now made that final flight.

Honor and praise go to all you who have gone in harms way to protect the freedom and integrity of the nation that our founding fathers left to us.

John O'Neil

Today (March 4, 2009) marks the 65th anniversary of the date when my 21 year old Dad climbed into a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, along with ten other young men, on a freezing cold dark night in England. They flew from their 482nd BG air base in Alconbury to the 95th BG base at Horham. Unexpectedly, later that day their 482nd BG H2S radar equipped B-17 Pathfinder would lead the 13th Combat Wing and B-17’s from the 95th and 100th BG’s to become the first American B-17’s to reach Berlin in WWII. The group bombed off the B-17 PFF “Bombs Away” flare. The target was the Robert Bosch electrical equipment factory at Lien Machnow in the southwest of the city. Due to the top secret nature of the PFF equipped aircraft very little attention was focused on the actual Flying Fortress that was the first over Berlin. For many years the claim of the 95th BG was “First over Berlin”. The lead 95th BG crew of the B-17 “I’ll be Around” of Lt. Al Brown and mission commander Col. Griff Mumford were featured in a Movietone video and Life Magazine article. The Mighty 8th Air Force museum has the accurate story of the first Berlin Mission and the crew that was first over Berlin. Today, only the pilot Bill Owen is alive to remember and reflect on the historic significance of that day. I plan to call Bill this evening, as my father always did, and thank him again for getting my Dad home safely on that day and on all the other missions he flew during the struggle in the skies over Nazi Germany. I would appreciate you taking a moment to remember this historical accomplishment of the 8th Air Force as “Big B” was finally reached. Remember the 95th & 100th BG crews of those 29 Flying Fortress’s, the 482nd BG crew of Lt. Bill Owen (listed below) and finally a scared, cold, brave young kid from Malden, Massachusetts who against all odds reached Berlin and made it home to later become my father. God Bless all our veterans and God Bless the men and women of the Mighty 8th…
“Here’s a toast to the host of those who fly…
To the ones who will live and to those who will die….
Drink a toast, say a prayer for the next of kin…
For the target today is the heart of Berlin”
Excerpt from the poem by S/Sgt Preston Clark
Veteran of two missions to Berlin in 1944

Lonnie Engleman

I am the grandaughter of Eugene Samuel Engleman, Radio Man for 814th Bomb Squadron. My grandfather was born in Indiana. During his station in the UK met my Grandmother and I guess the rest is history. My grandfather has always talked insistently about his time in the USAAF and I am proud to have found this website and know he is a major part in American (& British - for my roots) history. Both my GF & GM moved back and forth for a number of years from UK to USA and back again until my GM passed away in 1991 (when I was just 12 years old) My Father was also born in Indiana and followed my GF in marrying a British woman, my Mom, I however was born in Alaska, but sadly now live in the UK as my parents divorced when I was a small child. This website is part of my heritage, my history and once again i'm proud for my GF to have been a part of it. I will talk to my GF next time I visit him about this site, hopefully my uncle will spend some time with him so he can use it too. If anyone knew my GF during his service please do contact me (Lonnie_79@hotmail.com)

mike vanderford

hello all im doing research on a b-17 S.n.#42-3485 the name on the plane was "just right" any info on this plane would be great any pictures or bomb squadon numbers would be great. im doing this because im having its nose art hand painted on my A2 FLIGHT JACKET i need all the info on this as i can get thanks a bunch my email is mikevan201@aol.com


440th Sub Depot - Alconbury -
We were formed prior to the formation of the 482nd Bombardment Group ( RADAR ). We had to wait for the planes to land and be modified for RADAR use. Then to form the squadrons,bomb group, plus training. You will note that the squadrons had an official Squadron Patch but the BOMB GROUP DID NOT. Technically the bomb group did not exist according to Col. Bird. We took care of the bomb group. I designed the motto and plaque displayed during a few reunions we had, here in the states.The members voted on it.
The 440th Was the Best, Is the Best and will always be the Best. But the 482nd LED, FOUGHT AND TAUGHT. During their operational period they led 80% of the bombing missions over Europe. On D-Day they led 22 missions. DON'T LET ANYONE FORGET IT. "Lest We Forget"
Ex Sgt. Peter F. Ardizzi, 440th Sub Depot

Matthew S. KAuffman

My grandfather was a member of the 813th bomb Squadron. His name was SSgt Earl Kauffman and he flew with Lt./Capt. Davis' crew as the ball turret/waist gunner. He is the main reason I joined the service. He passed away last month on November 2nd, 2008. I don't know if any members of his crew are still around or access this sight but if they do I thought they should know if you would like to contact me p;ease by all means my e-mail is kauffmatt@yahoo.com.

TSgt Matt Kauffman, USAF

Jim Lance

My dad, Charles O. Lance, was assigned to HQs 483d Bomb Group at Alconbury, England. He was a NCO and I believed he worked in Operations. He passed away in 1993.

jessica young

oh yea,also if anyone has any info or pictures of my grandfather BRIGG YOUNG i would love to be able to pass it on to my father.i think he served in the 813th Bomb Squadron with Robert Day.

jessica young

brig young was my grandfather,never had the chance to meet him,wish i could have.thanks for all the great information.

Steve Colville

I was reading Lynn Wiseman's writeup and I would like to get in touch with her regarding her dad's memoir that she has. Lyn I have tried to set up an Outlook express account but to no avail. Maybe you could try to email me so that we can see if you have some info. on my dad. I do know he was in some capacity in the Officer's mess hall and I do have some good pics of him. He would be 85 years old this Feb. Please get in touch with me, I would sure like correspond on this matter.

Steve Colville

My Father John H.Colville was a member of the 482nd. bombgroup in Alconbury England during WWll. Since my dad's passing I have become interested in the events that our great vet's achieved. I am looking for anyone that served in the 482nd. during 43,44 that may have known him or just want to contact me. I am trying to put together an autobiography on his life in England. I am a prouud member of the Eighth Air force Historical Society, I just would like to contact someone just to get revved up and meet some new people on the Air Corp.

Lynn Wiseman

My father was always very proud of his service in the 482nd at Alconbury. He has written a small memoir for us, his family, with pictures of his service and his friends and crewmates. I am very proud to have this record of his efforts and of the men he served with and would be happy to share it.
I am glad to have found the website, so that it is presented where it should be.

Peter Landry

What an unbelievable and informative site.
It is a great tribute to the men of the mighty 8th and the 482nd bomb groups. I had the honor and privledge of flying in a B-17 bomber with the late and great Frank D. Murphy.
His book "Luck of the Draw" should be required reading of every high school student in America!

Craig Hamilton

My father, John J. Hamilton, served in the 813th after training in Texas, Oklahoma and on the west coast. He married my mom on August 29, 1943. I enjoyed the visit and will be back - may send a pic or two.

James A. Day

My Father, Robert F. Day, served in the 813th Bomb Squadron from 1943 through 1945. He joined the Army Air Corp in 1942, trained in Texas and was shipped to England shortly afterwards. I do not know what unit he served in prior to joing the 813th in 1943, perhaps the 92nd.

Nice job on the Web site!

Jim Day

Michael Faley

AWESOME job John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very much needed and long overdue to this overlooked Bomb Group. The ONLY BG actually assembled in England and Operational. All others trained in the States and came overseas.

liz murphy-melas


You are now, and always my hero. I miss you so much.

Love Always,
First Daughter

Lois Griffin

a wonderfully informative site.

Comment by 482NDadmin
Thanks for the reply.

well done and useful content :)

Len Panneri

Both informative and educational

Comment by 482NDadmin
Thank You! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.