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Geoffrey Engleman

RIP Eugene S Engleman 814th Bomb Squadron. 1920-2012

Marilyn L Foster

My father, Bob Laut, was a member of the 482nd, but I don't know what squadron. Hope to find that out here.

James Snyder

Hello, My grandfather T-sgnt. Donald Snyder was attached to the 482nd while in the 36th bomb squadron for a time . He was a armament maintenance. And MOS 678.

Karen Hogan (Oglesbee)

B-17 visiting Bowling Green KY & I'll visit it tomorrow. My father,
Woodson E. Oglesbee, served as a Pathfinder in the 482nd. It's taking the
government far too long to let their records public.

Duane A. Conkey, Jr.

Is there a mission listing - by bomber & crew - for the 812 squadron, including sortie details like the 384th BG maintains?

Duane A. Conkey, Jr.

I am the son of 1st Lt. Duane A. Conkey, a founding member of the 812th squadron, originally a member of the 384th BG, 545th Sq stationed at Grafton-Underwood (Sta. 106). He was transferred to the 482nd BG at Alconbury airfield on October 10, 1943 and flew with the Lecates crew in B-17, "Chief Crazy Horse" (# - ?). He flew his 13th through 25th missions with the 812, I believe. I would like to know if there is a website that details the crew assignments and missions of the 812 in 1943 like the 384th BG website lays out?

Linda Kleback

I found a photo of the group HQS. 482 Bomb Group (P) England - 1944. My uncle Kenneth Clyde Davis served in this unit. I'd like to learn more, especially any specifics on my uncle's service and family in England. All help appreciated!

Brenda Cotter


I am looking for any information about William A. Cotter.

Brenda Cotter

My father is William A. Cotter.

kimberly huemmer

My dad Joseph Huemmer was in this squad.

Michael Oppmann

Please help me. Im trying to find out as much as possible about jack pritchard, "pritches bitches", and my grandfather warren oppmann


I served with a Victor Stachniewicz, who was with the 482nd at Alconbury. He was a ball turret gunner. We served at RAF Chicksands in the 1960s.
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Marty Joy

My uncle Bob Conder, now deceased, served in the 482nd as a flight engineer
on a B17 they named "Old Bustard" Any info?

Cees Steijger

I am writing a book on the crash of B-17GSH 42-30280 'Crazy Horse'. It went down in lake IJsselmeer, in an area that later was reclaimed. I live approx. 1,5 km from the place it game down and where it was salvaged in 1971. All crew bailed out, unfortunately the pilot - Ralph W. Holcombe - landed in the water and drowned. He is buried in Margraten, the Netherlands. While I have a lot of information about the crew members, I have nothing on Ralph. No data, no photographs, nog background. Nothing. He served als 1LT. with 482BG/812BS and was washed ashore on 3 May 1944 in Bunschoten. He was burried first at the cementry in Amersfoort, and re-buried on 11 March 1946 at Margraten. Who can help me with more info and background on Ralph? Many thanks for your help! Cees Steijger, cees@steijger.com

William Cox

Great site!

Leonard Kyelberg

You should all be very proud!


My Father served on this unit too. God bless these men and their families


My Great Uncle, Walter A. Tamulevich was a RDO from 1943-1945 with the 814th. Great guy, miss him dearly. Apparently had a lot of English Girlfriends during and after the war :)